MORE EVIDENCE of Cartel Rape at the US Border Brought to You By Joe Biden and the Open Borders Democrat Party (VIDEO)

Ben Bergquam from Real America’s Voice is doing an outstanding job reporting from Mexico and the US southern border.

Recently, Ben has been reporting from the Yuma, Arizona sector.

Earlier this week Ben posted video from cartel country.  He pointed out an area likely used by cartel members to rape women.

Ben pointed out used condoms, women’s underwear, and even children’s underwear.

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According to the far-left Huffington Post 80% of the women from Central America are raped crossing into the United States.

There are even rape trees found along the US border.

Trump Was Right: Rape Trees Found Along US Southern Border

Democrats and RINO Republicans endorse this.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Rape So Bad on Mexican Border Priest Blesses Contraception for Illegal Alien Women

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