More Info Corrupt Nancy Pelosi Went to Asia Risking WWIII to Increase Her Personal Wealth

TGP reported that corrupt Nancy Pelosi took her son to Asia to likely build her family portfolio risking WWIII in the process.  Now we have more evidence this was the case.  This lady should be locked up. 

We reported over the weekend that corrupt Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Asia last week and brought along her son, Paul Pelosi Jr.  Based on this and other actions we questioned if the purpose of Pelosi’s trip was to increase her family’s portfolio rather than any anything else.

EXCLUSIVE: Did Nancy Pelosi Travel to Taiwan to Increase Her Family Fortune? Her Son Paul Pelosi Jr. Was with Her in Asia

Pelosi didn’t care if she started WWIII.  China was reportedly upset with her visit to Taiwan but in reality, as President Trump noted in his speech at CPAC DFW this past weekend, Pelosi actually gave China an excuse to invade Taiwan or perform any other action they might want to perform while blaming it on Pelosi.

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So what really was the purpose of Pelosi’s trip?

One interesting observation from Pelosi’s trip is that she held a meeting with a Taiwan chip maker that was not on her official itinerary.  This chip maker is the 9th largest company in the world.

The chip maker is building a plant in Arizona and US sales with the chip maker are increasing while China’s are decreasing.

Why would Pelosi not report this chip maker in her itinerary?  It’s certainly suspicious that the Taiwanese company is building a plant in the US and Pelosi just passed legislation related to computer chips.

There must be money in this for the Pelosi mob family somewhere.  You can smell it. 

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