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Nick Moseder provided a summary of the key items from last night’s audit presentation in New Mexico.  The findings reported were explosive. 

We reported on Tuesday night some of the issues identified by the auditors in New Mexico’s 2020 Election audit in Otero County.  Included in this presentation was the fact that it was discovered that the voting machines could fill out ballots.

New Mexico Audit Identifies Feature in Dominion Voting Machines that Allows Ballots to be Filled Out by Machine Itself

In the video below, Nick Moseder discusses the findings from the audit presentation.  He discusses at great length the findings regarding the fact that the voting machines can fill out ballots.  This would allow for the creation of ballots.  Moseder says that when the machines do this, the ballots are fed into the machine and then spit back out.  In the Antrim County audit, they found that around 80% of the ballots there showed that they were spit out, indicating they went through this process where the ballots were created and filled in by the machines.

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Moseder mentioned that the machines have a USB port that would allow a user to attach a cell phone and allow a user from across the country could actually affect that machine.  Then Moseder mentions Microsoft SQL was found on these machines as well.  Also, there was no password required to get into this software.  (As we’ve noted in the past, SQL will allow a user to change large chunks of data in seconds.)

Finally, Moseder reports on the emails obtained by the audit team involving the Secretary of State that included ballot totals.  These emails correspond with large swaths of ballots entering into the system at the exact same time.

See Moseder’s summary below:

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