More on President Trump's Speech at CPAC - Comments on China, Biden, the Southern Border, Woke Policies and More

Below are some more segments from President Trump’s CPAC speech that the media will not cover or promote yet they are common sense and honest points needed to save our country from the current regime and the global onslaught of the USA. 

All GOP governors should immediately go for paper ballots. President Trump knows that if we don’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have a country.

On President Trump’s first day – Brandon’s insane woke policies will be gone.

For three years we had the safest southern border in history and we can do it again.

President Trump will hold China responsible for COVID. This is the opposite of Brandon who sides with China and the WHO.

President Trump shared that he cannot be owned. This is why the global elites and elites in the GOP hate him. He can’t be owned.

The Brandon Administration is the most corrupt administration in US history.  [Most Americans would agree with this and we still have two years of destruction left.]

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