More... Unhinged Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin of the DC Prison Wants White Republicans Extinct

There are currently dozens of Trump supporters indefinitely detained without trial at the DC Gulag in Washington DC.

The corrupt DC judges will not allow these men to post bail and many are beaten and regularly abused by the DC prison guards.

As reported earlier, last week news broke that the Deputy Warden at the DC Gulag is a raging leftist. Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin regularly tweets out vicious attacks at Trump supporters and GOP lawmakers.

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She is Deputy Warden at the DC Gulag. Landerkin bragged about denying Republican lawmakers access to the political prisoners — in America!

Deputy Warden also tweeted that she wants white people extinct… Republican white people.
What the hell is she doing in charge of any government prison facility?

This tweet thread by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is just unbelievable!

Here is the MTG’s entire thread from today.

Only in government can someone so irresponsible and unqualified keep her job.

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