Image: Top GOP chairman subpoenas FBI for record suspected of linking Joe Biden to ‘criminal scheme’ when he was VP

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At least five individuals have now come forward to tell their stories of alleged corruption involving the Brandon family but the question remains: As long as Brandon is president and remains head of the Executive Branch agencies charged with enforcing the law, who is actually going to charge him or his family?

“The whistleblowers are in addition to the multitude of witnesses that Republican members of Congress have interviewed behind closed doors,” Breitbart News reported on Monday. “The whistleblowers range from an IRS agent to an Obama administration stenographer, encompassing alleged corruption in Ukraine and Mexico, along with the FBI and DOJ.”

1) Chuck Grassley: Whistleblowers Say FBI Has Evidence Brandon Involved in Family Business Schemes

During his testimony before the GOP-controlled House’s new Select Subcommittee on Political Weaponization in 2023, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asserted that whistleblower revelations suggest the FBI possesses evidence indicating Brandon’s knowledge of the family business schemes. His statement directly contradicts the claims made by the president regarding his awareness of such activities.

The long-serving Iowa Republican, who has been investigating Brandon family corruption since Donald Trump’s term, said the whistleblower disclosures “make clear the FBI has within its possession very significant, impactful, and voluminous evidence with respect to potential criminal conduct by Hunter and James Brandon.”

It’s not clear why the FBI has yet to act on the allegations, especially since the bureau has been in possession of Hunter Brandon’s “laptop from hell” since Trump was in office.


Politicization of the agency? Of course.

2) Former Hunter Brandon Partner Tony Bobulinski Meeting with Senate Investigators to Turn Over Information

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Brandon, has stated that he had a one-hour meeting with Brandon and Hunter Brandon in 2017. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss “the Bidens’ family business plans” regarding a Chinese energy deal. Notably, the deal in question does not seem to have been made, but Bobulinski claimed that a ten percent stake was designated as “held by H for the big guy,” with Bobulinski asserting that the “big guy” referred to Brandon.

“We discussed the Bidens’ history, the Bidens’ family business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar at least at a high level,” Bobulinski told reporters in 2020.

Nothing’s been done, even after Bobulinski handed over the information he had (texts, WhatsApp chats, emails, etc.) to former FBI “point man” Timothy Thibault, who never acted on the info and actually allegedly just buried it.

3) Ex-White House Aide: FBI Ignored Brandon’s Role in Ukraine Business Dealings

Earlier this year, former Obama White House stenographer Mike McCormick made allegations claiming that the FBI has disregarded Brandon’s involvement in what he described as the family’s “conspiracy” related to foreign influence-peddling in Ukraine.

McCormick, who disclosed to the New York Post that he possesses pertinent information implicating Brandon in the family’s business dealings in Ukraine, also said he submitted a tip to the FBI in February. Despite reaching out to the FBI, McCormick claims to have never received a response.

4) IRS Whistleblower Says Brandon Admin Interfering in Hunter Tax Fraud Probe

Also earlier this year, an IRS whistleblower made an allegation claiming that two political appointees from the Brandon administration within the Justice Department are actively impeding the prosecution of Hunter Brandon for tax violations. The whistleblower contends that these actions are in direct opposition to the recommendations put forth by relevant authorities.

As per the whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Lytle, the client expressed a desire to engage with congressional investigators and substantiate the allegations regarding political interference in the probe. The whistleblower has already reported the claims to the top watchdog of the Justice Department.

5) Brandon Bribery Allegations Were Flagged to DOJ in 2018

A former federal prosecutor recently disclosed that bribery allegations against President Brandon were presented to the Justice Department by a whistleblower back in 2018. However, these allegations were allegedly disregarded.

The New York Post also reported on a separate bribery accusation involving Hunter Brandon’s board membership with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

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