Moscow says globalists in Washington, D.C., trying to unleash new deadly bioweapons in violation of international law –

Moscow says globalists in Washington, D.C., trying to unleash new deadly bioweapons in violation of international law

The Russian embassy in Washington, D.C., has issued a warning about what the globalists who run the United States have planned for the future of world affairs – and it is not pretty.

In a statement, Moscow addressed the “gross violations by the United States of its obligations” under the Biological Weapons Convention, which prohibits the types of biological weapons research and development operations that are taking place in Ukraine, communist China, and elsewhere.

Virtually every country in the world, including the U.S., has signed the Biological Weapons Convention. And yet, the U.S. has decided to flout its provisions and develop deadly bioweapons regardless.

“Washington ignores the claims, justifying itself by some humanitarian component of its programs,” the Russian embassy said, adding that such excuses from the U.S. regime have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

The U.S. “brazenly and with complete impunity scatters its illegal laboratories all over the world,” it added, noting that under the guise of “epidemiological monitoring,” the U.S. is rapidly enhancing the pathogenic capabilities of all sorts of deadly infections.

(Related: Back in April, Russia warned that the U.S. government was working on a “universal” GMO bioweapon to cause mass death of humans, animals, and crops.)

Russia warns that U.S. is planning another covid-like “pandemic,” complete with lockdown tyranny

Russia is especially concerned about the U.S.-run biolabs located right in its own backyard. The Ukrainian landscape is littered with them, which is a big reason why Russia invaded Ukraine in the first place.

“The task is obvious – to be able to create biological crises when needed,” Russia said plainly and simply about what the U.S. is gunning to do. “To form artificial centers of infections. In other words, to manage epidemics, putting them at the service of [Washington’s] own interests.”

In Ukraine specifically, the U.S. government “has drawn dozens of the country’s state institutions and private companies into its projects,” exploiting civilian and military personnel alike as both biomaterial donors and as test subjects.

“There is no doubt that such actions require appropriate legal assessment, including by competent international institutions,” Russia says about the matter.

Already through the rumor mill we are hearing that the Brandon regime has plans in the works to unleash a COVID 2.0-style event this fall, complete with mask mandates, lockdowns, and more economic terrorism.

What Russia seems to be saying is that the U.S. is using biolabs, including in Ukraine, to build the next weapon that will be unleashed upon the world and used as a catalyst to once again plunge it into absolute tyranny.

Russia is so concerned about what the U.S. is up to that it is calling on the United Nations (UN) to probe the activities of U.S.-run laboratories throughout Ukraine. That call was, of course, vetoed by both the U.S. and its NATO allies, including Great Britain and France.

Back in March, the White House responded to ongoing claims by Russia that the U.S. is building deadly bioweapons by claiming that this is just “classic Russian propaganda” with no basis in reality.

Several months later, though, the Pentagon (Pentagram) admitted publicly that it does, in fact, support 46 different Ukrainian laboratories, though it insists that all of them are working on projects “focused on improving public health and agricultural safety.”

“Very few Americans still trust their government,” one commenter wrote about all this. “We know they’re parasites and that they don’t work for us.”

“And yet no one is expelling them,” responded another about the weakness of modern-day America when it comes to dealing with problems like this the way it once did back in the day.

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