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While Democrats and the media are giddy over Trump being treated like a common criminal, President Brandon’s son Hunter has been moved into a Malibu home that costs a stunning $15,800 per month.

Hunter’s taxpayer funded Secret Service detail is living in a nearby home with a similar price tag.

Hunter must be selling a lot of those high-priced paintings these days.

The Daily Mail reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Brandon moves into $15,800-a-month Malibu home with wife Melissa and son Beau – as Secret Service hunkers down across the road in taxpayer-funded crash pad

Four California homes in four years – Hunter Brandon is on the move again.

The beleaguered First Son and his wife Melissa Cohen have moved into a new $15,800-per-month Malibu pad, can reveal.

And when Hunter moves his Secret Service detail has to pick up stakes as well. They have landed a home across the street at $16,000 per month – funded by none other than the US taxpayer.

Hunter’s new home is a three-bed, three-bath 1950’s home with stunning, panoramic sea views, perched on a hill in a gated community in Malibu.

The listing for the one-year rental boasts a gourmet kitchen, and a ‘guest studio with private balcony overlooking the ocean that creates the perfect artistic space’.

The studio may have been a major selling point for Hunter, who is funding his lavish lifestyle and eye-watering legal bills – at least in part – by selling his paintings with New York gallerist George Berges.

Being part of the liberal elite has its privileges.

How do you suppose the people of Maui feel, knowing that Hunter is living large in Malibu on the taxpayer’s dime while they are told that they’ll each be getting $700 for their massive loss?

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