Image: New Biden EO creates office of “environmental justice” to fight “racist” pollution

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The white-hating policies of the illegally installed Brandon regime seem to have no end as the Pedophile-in-Chief himself, just in time for Earth Day, signed a new executive order to create a White House Office of Environmental Justice to fight pollution, which is apparently “racist” and only affecting brown and black people.

According to the Brandon regime, the EO will embed “environmental justice into the work of federal agencies to achieve real, measurable progress that communities can count on.”

“For far too long, communities across our country have faced persistent environmental injustice through toxic pollution, underinvestment in infrastructure and critical services, and other disproportionate environmental harms often due to a legacy of racial discrimination including redlining,” reads a White House “fact sheet” about the new anti-white scheme.

“These communities with environmental justice concerns face even greater burdens due to climate change.”

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Brandon is the worst fake president America has ever had

The stated goal of the move is to allow people of all skin colors to enjoy clean air and water, as well as suffer fewer cases of asthma, cancer, and other health problems caused by air pollution. The implication, though, is that white people already have these things, and brown and black people do not.

“With this action, the President is working to ensure that all people – regardless of race, background, income, ability, Tribal affiliation, or zip code – can benefit from the vital safeguards enshrined in our nation’s foundational environmental and civil rights laws,” the “fact sheet” goes on to state.


A new federal chief environmental justice officer will be appointed to head this new White House operation, though that person has not yet been named. It is almost certain, based on the Brandon regime’s track record, that the person will have dark skin and / or be some kind of mutant transgender with sexual deviancy issues.

Brandon announced his signing of the EO in the White House Rose Garden, aligning it with a celebration of Earth Day, which to the left is considered to be a holy day first sanctioned by Wisconsin Democrat Gaylord Nelson in 1970.

As he always does, Brandon mumbled and bumbled through the speech because words are difficult for him to speak cogently due to his mental abnormalities. Brandon could not even properly speak the name of Brenda Mallory, the chair of his White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Barely able to squeak out an intelligible sentence, Brandon blasted Republicans for not doing enough to support his climate justice efforts, which he believes are necessary to stop natural disaster like wildfires, rainstorms, occasional flooding, and other things that have been happening in the world since the beginning of time.

“Imagine seeing all this happen – the wildfires, the storms, the floods – and doing nothing about it,” Brandon blathered.

“Imagine taking all these clean energy jobs away from working class folks all across America. Imagine turning your back on all those moms and dads living in towns poisoned by pollution and telling them, ‘Sorry, you’re on your own.’ We can’t let that happen.”

Nobody with a working brain believes that Brandon and his cronies have any intention of ever doing anything to actually help Americans, regardless of their skin color. As usual, this is all just far-left political posturing aimed at the climate hysteria crowd.

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