HUGE! Devon Archer Testifies Joe Biden Met with Moscow Mayor's Wife in Georgetown - She Then Wired $3.5 Million to Hunter - And Then Joe Biden Kept Her Off Sanctions List | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon and Yelena Baturina, the billionaire widow of a corrupt Moscow mayor. Joe and Hunter took her money and then left her off the sanctions list!

LAST YEAR in 2022: Karine Jean-Pierre refused to explain why Brandon did not sanction Russian billionaire Elena Baturina, the former Mayor of Moscow’s wife — nor if Brandon met with her at a Georgetown restaurant in 2015 while he was Vice President.

On Monday Hunter Brandon’s best friend and business associate, Devon Archer, testified that Brandon met with Russia’s Yelena Baturina who later invested into $40 million into Hunter Brandon’s real estate ventures. Baturina also paid Hunter Brandon $3.5 million in “consulting fees.”

Here is a copy of the Rosemont deal with Yelena Baturina.

Yelena Baturina $40 million contract with Hunter Brandon’s Rosemont Seneca.

Yelena Baturina, the billionaire widow of a corrupt Moscow mayor, was left off of Brandon’s Sanctions list.

The Daily Mail reported on the relationship back in October 2022:

Hunter Brandon’s real estate company received a $40 million investment from a Russian oligarch, new emails reveal.

The relationship between the president’s son and Yelena Baturina, the billionaire widow of a corrupt Moscow mayor, has already been flagged as alarming by a Senate report after she mysteriously wired $3.5million to a company linked to Hunter.

Baturina’s brother Viktor Baturin told the money was ‘a payment to enter the American market.’

But can now reveal that Hunter’s financial relationship with Baturina was far more extensive, with her firm investing $40million in a real estate venture by Hunter’s company Rosemont Realty.

In 2012 Hunter’s firm had a $69.7million plan to invest in 2.15million sq ft of office space in seven US cities.

Documents outlining the plan said the money came from a mix of investors, including $40million from Inteco Management AG, a Swiss company owned by Baturina.

The Inteco group is a plastics and construction behemoth that made Baturina the richest woman in Russia at the time. She has a current net worth of $1.4billion according to Forbes.

Last year Brandon would not tell reporters why he left Baturina off the Russian sanction’s list.

On Thursday The House Judiciary Committee released the transcript of their Devon Archer interview.

Archer discussed the dinner in Washington DC with Hunter Brandon, Brandon and Yelena Baturina.

The dinner also included Kazakhstani businessman Kenes Rakishev — who wired $142,300 used on a luxury car business for Hunter Brandon — and former Kazakhstani Prime Minister Karim Massimov,

Rakishev provided $142,300 in funding to Hunter Brandon to purchase a Fisker Karma automobile in 2014.

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