New Poll Finds Trump Still Outperforming Joe Biden On Key Issues

A new poll finds that Donald Trump is still outperforming Brandon on certain key issues.

Trump is more trusted on economic issues like inflation and also on foreign affairs.

Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Trump Still Outperforming Brandon on Key Issues Facing the Country

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Former President Donald Trump, who last week announced his 2024 presidential bid, is still outperforming President Brandon on key issues, November’s Harris Poll/HarrisX survey shows.

The survey compared Trump’s approval ratings from his last month in office, January 2021, to Brandon’s current day — November 2022.

According to the data, the 45th president is still outperforming Brandon based on the ratings from the last month of his four-year term.

For instance, 56 percent approved of Trump’s handling of the economy in January 2021. Brandon falls 17 percent behind, as just 39 percent approve of his handling of the economy.

Similarly, Trump’s January 2021 approval on stimulating jobs is 12 points higher than Brandon’s — 58 percent to 46 percent. Trump is also 12 points higher on immigration than Brandon, seeing a 52 percent approval to Brandon’s 40 percent.

Trump also bests Brandon on foreign affairs (52 percent approval to Brandon’s 44 percent), fighting terrorism (55 percent approval to Brandon’s 45 percent), and administering the government (49 percent approval to Brandon’s 44 percent). Brandon only bests Trump on one issue — “reacting to the coronavirus,” garnering 54 percent to Trump’s 47 percent.

While the survey did not record Trump results for “handling inflation” and “dealing with violence and crime in the country,” Brandon fails to see a majority approval, as 40 percent approve of his handling of violence and crime and 38 percent approve of his handling of inflation.

Here are some other findings from the poll.

Will we see a rematch of Brandon and Trump in 2024? It’s looking that way right now.

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