Newsmax Reporter Blasts Karine Jean-Pierre For Ducking Basic Questions Related to Joe Biden's 2024 Announcement (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday couldn’t even articulate what Brandon meant when he said he needs to “finish the job.”

80-year-old Brandon announced his 2024 reelection campaign in a pre-recorded video in which Brandon doesn’t even speak directly to the American people.

Brandon said he needs to “finish the job.”

Whatever that means.

Inflation rates are still high.

Gas and energy prices are up.

Food prices are up.

Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t even explain what Brandon meant when he said he needs to finish the job.

KJP ducked even the most basic question related to Brandon’s 2024 announcement.

Newsmax reporter James Rosen blasted Karine Jean-Pierre for dodging questions.

“It’s a presidential decision, though, and you keep calling it a campaign decision. The President has to decide to enter the campaign. That’s a presidential decision!” James Rosen said.

“Again, I would refer you to 2024 campaign,” KJP said.


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