"Nice Shot, Megan" - President Trump Trolls Woke U.S. Women's Soccer Team After Loss to Sweden While Joe Biden Gets DESTROYED After He Praises the Ungrateful Women | The Gateway Pundit

Meghan Rapinoe misses by a mile to eliminate the US Women’s team at the World Cup.

President Donald Trump and Brandon have both weighed in on the woke U.S. Women’s soccer team’s humiliating loss to Sweden and unsurprisingly had completely different takes.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, the U.S. women’s soccer team suffered its earliest exit from a World Cup ever after losing to Sweden in the Round of 16 on Sunday. The teams finished scoreless in regulation and extra time before Sweden prevailed 5-4 in a penalty shootout.

Megan Rapinoe played a key role in the defeat after she missed her penalty shot by a mile.

Trump responded by mocking her miss and their behavior throughout the tournament. Notice how he also manages to get a shot in at Brandon for destroying America.

Brandon, unsurprisingly, had a different take. He said he was proud of the national team despite their embarrassing performance and their un-American actions throughout the tournament.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users completely destroyed Brandon in response. Some even brought up arguably the worst moment of his presidency: the disastrous 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal. Brandon has the blood of 13 brave American soldiers on his hands thanks to his decision to pull out in the middle of the Taliban fighting season.

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