NY Times Reporter Asks if Biden Regime Will Take Back PPP Loan Money from Gun Business that Legally Sold Weapons to Uvalde School Shooter (VIDEO)

On Thursday a New York Times reporter asked Brandon’s Spokesperson if the Brandon administration would support taking back the $3 million PPP loan to the gun dealer that sold the rifles to the Uvalde school shooter.

Karine Jean-Pierre asked for the name of the company. The New York Times reporter gladly told her the company’s name. Daniel Defense is the manufacturer of the weapons used by the Uvalde killer. The Georgia-based company manufactures AR-15s.

The killer Salvador Ramos legally purchased two AR-15-style rifles after his 18th birthday, though he only brought a Daniel Defense DDM V7 rifle—which retails for about $1,870.

Democrat media hacks are now pushing the regime to go back and punish American companies that don’t agree with their godless dogma.

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Via Midnight Rider.

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