Old Joe Biden Gets Distracted, Bends Down to Fiddle with Something, Then Walks Out of Camera Frame While He is Being Asked a Question in Vietnam | The Gateway Pundit

Old Joe does it again.

Brandon had quite a day.

Then during his press conference Brandon got distracted, bent over to fiddle with something, then took off while he was being asked a question.

Brandon walked off frame again.

What a total embarrassment.

Earlier, when his plane landed Brandon delivered remarks at a welcoming ceremony and then walked off before his Vietnamese partner started talking. Then he froze in place while the Vietnamese leader delivered his remarks.

The media ignored this latest brain freeze.

A bit later Brandon held a joint press conference with General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Joe opened up his remarks cracking a joke about a Vietnam War movie. What a dolt.

Brandon: It is evening isn’t it? This around the world in five days is interesting. Well, there’s that, one of my staff members said, remember that famous song, “Good Morning, Vietnam”? Well, good evening, Vietnam and good morning back in America.

Good Morning Vietnam is a movie and not a song. It is a 1987 Vietnam War comedy starring Robin Williams.

Brandon thought it was appropriate to crack a joke about the Vietnam war to open his remarks?

And he didn’t even know it was a movie.

The fake news will ignore this.

Via Midnight Rider.

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