Silicon Valley Bank Employees Made Large Donations to Biden and Other Democrats

Brandon’s bailout of Silicon Valley Bank helped save the investment flow into China’s sensitive aerospace and defense companies.  

We noted over the weekend that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was the bridge for USD capital investment for Chinese ventures.

The South China Morning Post noted the bridge between SVB and China.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has created a sense of panic within China’s tech start-up and venture capital (VC) sector, as the lender served as a bridge between US capital and Chinese tech entrepreneurs.

“Is the 2008 Financial Crisis happening again?” said a Weibo user with the handle MaxC.

China is the second largest venture capital market and SVB was right in the middle of it according to Tech Crunch.

China, the world’s second-largest venture capital market. Across social media platforms, investors and startups are rushing to share news articles on the fiasco and thoughts on how to prevent such a catastrophic moment. For some companies, however, the impact is tangible.

When China was still new to venture capital in the late 1990s, SVB was among the first financial institutions to start serving the country’s startups, while traditional, risk-averse banks avoided them. Over time, the bank has become a popular option for China-based startups fundraising in USD as well as some China-focused USD venture capital firms.

What Brandon left out in his scripted comments on Monday was that the Brandon Administration was bailing out China’s venture capital business seeking USDs.

It’s actually worse than we first thought.  Brandon’s bailout of SVB actually helped Sequoia Capitol China Advisors LTD.  This entity invests in OrienSpace which is a developer of aerospace and defense initiatives for China.

Brandon helped save China’s aerospace and defense industries.  Who’s side is he on?

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