Patriot Front Members Arrested in Idaho

About twenty members of the fascist Patriot Front group were arrested in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Saturday, reportedly on conspiracy to riot charges stemming from law enforcement penetration of group chats by the group about plans to disrupt a gay pride event being held in a city park. An officer is heard on video telling observers the group had shields and weapons in the back of a U-Haul truck they were being transported in to the pride event. Many conservatives believe Patriot Front is an FBI creation or heavily influenced by the feds to falsely smear conservatives as racists, fascists and terrorists.

KREM-TV reporter Kyle Simchuck, “BREAKING: Authorities have stopped this Uhaul and detained approximately 20 people. They all have the same type of clothing on. Truck was stopped about 1/8th mile from the pride event. We’re working to get more info from police.”

Independent reporter Alissa Azar posted videos from the scene:

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“and then there were none. i need to cool down then i’ll post some more footage. got images of almost all their faces. cops said that they got arrested because of the feds in their group chats. all charged with conspiracy to riot. a helicopter followed before they got pulled over”

Azar’s last tweet was that she herself was being detained.

Video of police opening the U-Haul with Patriot Front members inside via KREM:

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