PERFECT: FOX News Host Rachel Campos-Duffy Calls Out Feinstein, Fetterman, Biden and Lindsey Graham for Not Voting or Having a Clue What They're Voting On | The Gateway Pundit

Rachel Campos-Duffy says it all on FOX and Friends this Sunday morning about the many politicians in the US Government who are unable to do their jobs. 

The discussion this morning on FOX and Friends Weekend started with a discussion of California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein.  Feinstein, who is 89-years-old has been out for medical reasons for some time.  This is preventing the Dems from pushing through radical Brandon judges onto the bench.  Even Democrats are calling for Feinstein to resign.

California Democrat Ro Khanna Joined by Fellow House Dem in Call for Dianne Feinstein to Resign After Report Ailing 89-Year-Old Senator May Not Return to DC

When discussing this topic this morning on FOX and Friends Weekend, host Rachel Campos-Duffy made some obvious observations.

Campos-Duffy asked what about PA Senator Fetterman who has been out for months as well.  She shared:

There certainly is, but it also then brings up what about Fetterman, who’s also missed a lot? And even on the Republican side. What about congressmen who are perfectly healthy, but their staffers do everything for them?

Like Lindsey Graham, who didn’t even know he had co-signed on to the Restrict Act,  So, those are all kinds of issues not just about people’s health, but how the whole system runs. Is it really run by the representatives, or are their staffs doing it?

I’m imagining Dianne Feinstein’s case, it’s a staff and Fetterman’s case and maybe Lindsey Graham’s case because how do you not know you didn’t sign on to the Restrict Act?

Campos-Duffy wasn’t done.  She dropped the bomb on the biggest out-to-lunch politician in office in American history – Brandon.  He’s lost all the time.

See the discussion below.

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