Dr. Peter Navarro Blasts January 6 Panel in Remarks to Reporters Following Arrest (VIDEO)

The FBI on Friday arrested Trump’s advisor Dr. Peter Navarro at a DC-area airport.

Navarro was on his way to Nashville when the Stasi-FBI took him into custody in a surprise ambush. The FBI stopped him from boarding a flight, cuffed him, humiliated him, dragged him to court in leg shackles, and placed him in isolation without food or water.

This is the modern-day FBI at work. It is clear the DOJ and FBI are now complete extensions of the Democrat Party with the goal of harassing and punishing their political opposition.

A federal grand jury on Friday indicted Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress after he refused to cooperate with Liz Cheney’s unconstitutional January 6 Committee.

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According to CNN, Navarro faces two contempt counts: one for his failure to produce documents demanded by the committee and the other for failing to show up for subpoenaed testimony before House investigators.

On Monday Peter Navarro spoke with Tucker Carlson in his first major interview since his arrest.

This will teach him and others to think twice before defying Liz Cheney and her Kangaroo Committee.

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