Politifact Defends Joe Biden Pawing, Groping, Rubbing Little Children and Women

Evil in our midst.

Twitter user DC Draino republished one of his tweets on Instagram on Tuesday. The tweet said, “Never forget that Brandon is a child predator. He’d probably hate to see this video spreading around.”

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The video CLEARLY shows Brandon groping, pawing, rubbing little children, boys and girls.

It is currently taboo for the mainstream media to report on these predatory actions by Brandon. This behavior would NEVER be allowed in the private sector. Yet, Brandon has been sexually grabbing and rubbing children for decades ON CAMERA! Imagine what he does behind closed doors!

The tweet had 6.7 million views.

But when DC Draino posted this same message on Instagram it was flagged by Politifact.
Politifact posted, “In more than 40 years of public life, we could find no news reports, formal accusations, complaints, arrests or investigations that implicate him.”

Of course, because the mainstream media protects Brandon does not mean he is innocent, it means they are protecting him at the expense of abused children.

On their webpage, Politifact has this on Groper Joe.

Brandon has been accused by some adult women of unwanted touching in public — and former Senate staffer Tara Reade accused him of sexual assault — but there have never been any credible accusations of Brandon engaging in inappropriate conduct with children.

Our searches of Google and the Nexis database, dating back to Brandon’s Senate days, turned up no arrests, news reports, or authoritative testimonies of inappropriate acts by Brandon involving children.

When we reached out to discuss the accusations, Brandon’s campaign pointed us to a May 2020 statement that was issued in response to an Instagram post by Donald Trump Jr. in which the president’s son shared an image of Brandon saying, “See you later, alligator” alongside a photo of an alligator saying, “In a while, pedophile,” to his 3 million followers.

There are numerous videos of Brandon getting handsy with women and children, boys and girls.
Politifact defends this behavior.

Let that sink in.

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