"Preparing for Mayor Pete's Next Derailment!" Lauren Boebert Triggers Pete Buttigieg with Brutal Meme Regarding His Job Performance - Boebert then Responds in Epic Fashion | The Gateway Pundit

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It’s no secret to Gateway Pundit readers that Pete Buttigieg is the worst Transportation Secretary in American history.

He spent part of his first year not even working. Instead, Buttigieg decided to take several months of paternity leave.

But when he does work, disaster follows him everywhere.

His porous performance is best exemplified by his response to the train derailments happening all over America.

The most infamous derailment was in East Palestine, Ohio, arguably the worst environmental disaster in American history. Several million pounds of toxic chemicals were released into the environment, causing the deaths of thousands of animals. Several residents later reported horrifying symptoms resulting from the toxic derailment.

The Brandon regime initially refused to lift a finger to help the residents because they wanted to punish them for supporting President Donald Trump.

Boebert summed up Buttigieg’s garbage performance with a brutal meme showing her trying to put out a fire caused by a train derailment.

Out here preparing for Mayor Pete’s next derailment!

Buttigieg was quite stung by the meme. He issued a pathetic response claiming Boebert’s “budget plan” cut railroad safety inspections.

Someone forgot to tell him such a plan does not exist.

Boebert then responded in devastating fashion. She aptly pointed out the Brandon regime was prioritizing woke “gender equity” nonsense over keeping Americans safe and stopping train crashes.

@SecretaryPete your administration requested $2.6 billion to advance gender equity. THAT is not putting the American taxpayer first. Nice try!

Twitchy was the first to uncover the Boebert-Buttigieg exchange.

other conservatives buried Buttigieg after his dumb response to Boebert as well.

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