President Trump Arrives in Davenport to Another Huge Crowd - Is Cheered by Iowans As He Visits Local Restaurants

President Trump visited Davenport, Iowa today in the middle of the Heartland.

A massive crowd of supporters lined up 7 hours in the winter cold before the President was scheduled to speak.

Here’s another view of the crowd going around the block on a very cold day in Iowa.

President Trump made a stop at the Machine Shed restaurant in Davenport as well.  He chatted with a few people in the restaurant.

The people in the restaurant cheered when President Trump walked in.  They were so thrilled to see President Trump.

One Trump supporter gave him a hug at the restaurant. She said “Oh my God!”

During his appearance, President Trump shared how he stood up to China.  This is the opposite of Brandon.  Brandon looks like he works for China.  President Trump is for America first and Brandon appears to be for China first.



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