President Trump Releases Statement on Devastating Maui Wildfires, Slams Joe Biden For Laughing While Ignoring Dead Americans (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump on Monday released a video statement on the devastating wildfires in Maui.

Nearly 100 people are confirmed dead from the fires and the death toll is rising.

Approximately 1,000 people are still unaccounted for.

Brandon callously brushed off the reporter asking about Maui and said, “No comment” before heading home from the beach in Delaware.

Brandon refused to comment three times to a reporter asking for comment on Hawaii.

He actually smirked and laughed as he blew off the reporters.


Trump released a heartfelt statement on the Maui wildfires.

“I would like to express my sympathy and warmest regards to the people of Hawaii and specifically all of those who have been so gravely and irreparably hurt by the tragedy of the wildfires in Maui,” Trump said. “The sad thing is that it should never have happened.”

Trump slammed Brandon for his callousness and incompetence.

“Our government is not prepared and the aftermath is going very poorly with…Crooked Brandon, the most incompetent president in the history of our country, with a laugh and a smile said he had no comment on the death and the tragedy,” Trump said.

Trump said it is “disgraceful” and “unacceptable” that Brandon refuses to help or comment on the tragedy on Maui or the train derailment in Ohio.


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