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As reported earlier – On the 22nd Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on America, Brandon finalized a deal to send $6 billion and 5 Iranian prisoners in the US to the Iranian government in exchange for as many as five detained US dual nationals held by the brutal regime.

Iran is one of the top state sponsors of terrorism and has been for several years.

Brandon regime lackey John Hudson reported the news at The Washington Post.

The Brandon administration has issued a waiver for banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian oil funds without fear of U.S. sanctions — a key step in securing the release of five American citizens detained in Iran, people familiar with the matter said. As a part of the arrangement, the administration will release five Iranian citizens detained in the United States.

Congress was notified of the move on Monday, and it’s likely to come as a relief to U.S. prisoners’ families and supporters, many of whom have waited several years for the return of the detainees. It also is expected to come under harsh criticism from Republicans in Congress opposed to any agreement that allows for the release of frozen Iranian funds, money that is being transferred from South Korea to Qatar and limited for the purchase of humanitarian goods like food or medicine.

The deal marks a major breakthrough for the longtime adversaries who remain at loggerheads over a range of issues, including the rapid expansion of Tehran’s nuclear program, its ongoing military support for Russia and Iran’s harsh crackdown on dissent.

The Iranians used Barack Obama’s ransom payment to fund their military.  It won’t be any different this time.

Iranian Regime Uses OBAMA’s Cold Hard Cash to Fund MASSIVE Military Expansion

This 9-11 Anniversary deal comes after Brandon surrendered to the Taliban and gave them over $80 billion in US military equipment as reparations.

President Trump responded to this latest insanity on Truth Social.

President Trump: “So, lets get this straight! We did a hostage TRADE with Iran. We gave them 5 very tough, smart people that they desperately wanted. We likewise got back 5 people BUT, we also gave them 6 BILLION DOLLARS! How much of a kickback does Crooked Brandon get? Does anyone realize how much money 6 Billion Dollars is? When I was President, I got back 58 hostages for ZERO money. Remember Pastor Brunson? It sets a TERRIBLE precedent. Republicans, call out the 25th Amendment, NOW! Brandon is INCOMPETENT!”

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