Psaki Walks Back Biden's Comment That It's Up to Individuals on Whether They Wear Masks on Airplanes (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday ‘clarified’ Brandon’s comment that it’s up to individuals on whether they wear masks on airplanes.

The Brandon regime’s DOJ on Tuesday announced they will appeal Monday’s mask mandate ruling for commercial air travel if the CDC decides to keep the mask mandates in place.

Just a couple hours before the DOJ made the announcement on Tuesday, Brandon told reporters, “I don’t know” if we will appeal the federal ruling that struck down the mask mandate on planes.”

Earlier Tuesday however, a reporter asked Brandon if people should continue to wear masks on planes after a Trump-appointed federal judge declared his mandate unlawful.

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“That’s up to them,” Brandon said.


Clown show.

Now Psaki is walking back Brandon’s comment.

“The president was answering the question quite literally,” Psaki said reiterating the Brandon Regime’s stance that Americans should wear masks on planes.


Who is really calling the shots?

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