"Racism is a Fundamental Driver of Environmental Injustice" - Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring All Federal Agencies to Prioritize "Environmental Justice" and Trashes "MAGA Republicans" During Speech (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

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Brandon signed an executive order at the Rose Garden Friday afternoon directing every agency of the federal government to incorporate “environmental justice” into its mission.

As the Hill notes, all federal agencies must now take steps to mitigate “climate impacts” in American cities. It also requires them to notify affected cities in case of toxic substances are released from a federal building.

To ensure this is all carried out efficiently, the executive order creates an office within the White House Council on Environmental Quality to coordinate “environmental justice” initiatives across the federal agencies.

Here is Brandon making the announcement to require his regime to make climate alarmism the top priority:

As Fox News reported, the White House previously said the executive order recognizes that “racism is a fundamental driver of environmental injustice.”

During his speech, Brandon bragged about the job killing “environmental” provisions in the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which actually increases inflation long-term.

We’re investing in air quality sensors in communities near factories so people who live near them can know what the risk is and how safe the air is.

We’re planting millions of new trees to cool down our city streets.

Brandon also took aim at “MAGA Republicans.” He focused his ire on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s proposal to repeal “clean energy” tax credits in the IRA in exchange for lifting the debt limit.

The MAGA Republicans in Congress want to repeal climate protections in the Inflation Reduction Act. They’d rather threaten to default the U.S. economy … than get rid of $30 billion in taxpayer subsidies to an oil industry that made $200 billion last year,” he said. “Imagine taking all those clean energy jobs away from working-class folks all across America. Imagine turning your back on all those moms and dads living in towns poisoned by pollution and saying ‘sorry, you’re on your own.’”

As Brandon sat down to sign the new executive order, he noted the desk was hot. Perhaps it was from all his lies?

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