Radical Climate Activists Terrorize DC - Block Roadways, Glue Hands to road, Ruin Museums Dressed as Dinosaurs (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Declare Emergency, a radical group dedicated to “non-violent resistance” of fossil fuels while calling for a climate emergency in the United States, has been terrorizing DC residents and tourists recently with illegal protests blocking roadways and closing down museums.

As DC runs rampant with violent crime and criminal “protestors,” corrupt prosecutors are wasting millions in resources to indict President Trump, an innocent man!

These are the same climate change radicals who vandalized art with black and red paint at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and were indicted for conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and injury to a National Gallery of Art exhibit.

Climate Activists Arrested on Federal Conspiracy Charges for Damaging Degas Display at DC Museum

DC Young Republicans tweeted, calling them “paid actors,” in response to an August 23 video thread by Ford Fischer.

One driver is seen pushing protesters out of the way, as should be her right, as her car passes through.

Protestors who did not comply with police after several warnings over an extended period of time were finally arrested. One of these lunatics even had his hand glued to the street.

In another illegal protest on the morning of August 26, the likely paid actors blocked another road. Fischer says that it was the third time in a week!

Declare Emergency likened their ridiculous and disruptive efforts to Martin Luther King’s “nonviolent civil disobedience.”

Pissed off drivers are seen screaming at protestors, “I want to go to work,” and “I have kids to feed! as they rip the climate hoaxers’ flags and signs out of their hands.

At least one of the disruptors was arrested for contempt of court after his involvement in the illegal roadblock days prior on Wednesday.

Declare Emergency activists also disrupted museum-goers in D.C. by climbing onto exhibits at the Smithsonian Museum in a so-called protest. The radical leftists can be heard yelling, “Brandon must declare climate emergency now,” and singing a cult-like song as a museum staff member repeatedly asked them to come down.

More were arrested for this illegal display, which shut down the exhibit..


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