Rasmussen Reports Shows Biden Is Getting Crushed by President Trump in Latest Polling for 2024 Election | The Gateway Pundit

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that President Trump is crushing Brandon in the 2024 Presidential race.  If polling is this bad, Brandon is way behind. 

After years of incompetence, incontinence and failure, Americans have had enough of Brandon and his gang of thieves, crooks and corrupt actors.

Yesterday’s bogus indictment of President Trump was another corrupt, criminal and unconstitutional effort by the Brandon gang to interfere in the 2024 election.  The Brandon gang knows no one is buying what they are selling and is using lawfare to get at President Trump.

Rasmussen Reports released the results of their polling for President this morning and it shows President Trump with a commanding lead over senile old Brandon.

If President Brandon seeks a second term in 2024, he faces an uphill battle for reelection against either of the two leading Republican candidates.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that, if the 2024 presidential election were between Brandon and former President Donald Trump, 47% of Likely U.S. voters would vote for Trump, while 40% would vote for Brandon. Another 11% say they would vote for some other candidate. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The question in this survey was simple:

If the 2024 presidential election were between President Brandon and former President Donald Trump, who would you vote for?

After yesterday’s criminal acts by the Brandon Administration and the Soros-connected DA in New York, this poll has likely changed even more in President Trump’s favor.

The US is being destroyed by the Brandon administration.  They are allowing military-aged men to enter the country.  We have no idea who they are or where they are from.

The economy is falling apart with inflation at record highs and credit card debt as well.  The markets last reached an all-time high two years ago, as Brandon stepped into the on fire Trump economy.

US foreign policy is in shambles as Brandon pushes China and Russia and other countries together after the disastrous surrender in Afghanistan.

American Christians are being arrested for praying outside abortion clinics.  While criminals are set free in US cities.

The DOJ and FBI have buckets of criminal activities found on Hunter’s laptop and they have had it since 2019 yet they ignore these many crimes and go after innocents on Jan 6 including President Trump himself.

Yesterday it became clear that America under the Obama/Brandon regime has turned into a communist and fascist nation.  The crooks are set free while the good people are placed behind bars in the DC Gulag.

This poll is only going to get worse for Brandon who should be in jail on a sedition count rather than sitting in the White House.  Americans know it. 

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