RATS FLEE SHIP: Biden's Approval at 39% - 20 Points Underwater -- GOP Leads Generic Poll by 13%

The latest Brandon approval numbers spell doom for Mr. 81 million votes and his corrupt party.

After only one year, Americans are disgusted with the regime and their attempts to reshape America into another Western Hemisphere Marxist regime.

The results have been dismal and it is starting to show in the pols despite the cheerleading by the warped fake news media.

Via Trafalgar Group — Brandon’s approval is down to 39% and 59% disapprove.

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And the GOP now leads the generic ballot by 13 points — 56% to 42%.

This is why Democrats must pass the Freedom to Cheat bill. It worked in 2020 and they need the midnight ballot box drops, ballot harvesting and extended voting months in order to steal all future directions.

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