Recorded conversation proving Joe Biden’s corruption to be released in coming weeks –

BOMBSHELL: Recorded conversation proving Brandon’s corruption to be released in coming weeks

President Brandon’s political future hangs in the balance following a revelation by a respected American journalist of a recorded conversation with undeniable proof of his involvement in corruption.

Greg Kelly dropped the bombshell revelation on his popular Newsmax show in which he noted that the evidence is so strong Brandon might have to quit the 2024 race. According to Kelly, a military veteran, the tape was leaked by insiders, but not necessarily from the government.

Kelly, who did not share many details, said it would be released between Labor Day and Halloween. “The tape will become public eventually,” he added.

He did not say who will release it, but Kelly said once it goes public Brandon will have no choice but to quit the 2024 presidential race. The only slim chance he might have, although doubtful, is to continue as president.

The tape holds highly incriminating content and the White House is reportedly aware of it and acknowledges its existence, according to Kelly. “There might even be multiple tapes. It all adds up logically,” he said.

This development comes amid the House Oversight Committee investigating accusations that Brandon benefitted from the myriad foreign business dealings of his son Hunter. On August 10, the panel chaired by Rep. James Comer said in a report that it plans to continue investigating the president.

“During Brandon’s vice-presidency, Hunter Brandon sold him as ‘the brand’ to reap millions from oligarchs in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine,” Comer said in a statement accompanying the release of the committee report. “It appears no real services were provided other than access to the Brandon network, including Brandon himself. And Hunter Brandon seems to have delivered.”

Last July, Sen. Chuck Grassley released an internal Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents containing allegations that Brandon was involved in an illegal foreign bribery scheme. Grassley said he was able to release the documents himself because of “legally protected disclosures by Justice Department whistleblowers.”

The documents show that an informant provided the information to federal investigators in June 2020, describing meetings and conversations dating back to 2015.

Brandon crime family received $10M bribe from Burisma CEO

During a 2016 meeting with the FBI informant, Mykola Ziochevsjky, the CEO of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, said he had made two $5 million payments to “the Bidens.” He, however, did not specify who received the alleged bribes.

“It costs five [million] to pay one Brandon, and five [million] to another Brandon,” Ziochevsjky told the informant, according to the document. At the time of the meeting, Hunter Brandon was on Burisma’s board, earning $50,000 a month.

Hunter Brandon has drawn media scrutiny over the years for connection to a scandal-plagued, now-bankrupt Chinese energy giant, CEFC China Energy.

According to reports, the Chinese firm and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Brandon and James Brandon (the president’s brother) in the years between Brandon’s time as vice president and president.

Hunter Brandon joined the board of Burisma in 2014, about the same time his father was helping lead the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy. (Related: Brandon crime family raked in over $10M from foreign entities during the Obama administration.)

While Hunter was on Burisma’s board, his father – along with a host of European allies – pushed the Ukrainian government to oust prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Shokin’s office had been investigating Burisma and Brandon told Ukraine that it wouldn’t receive a financial aid package until Shokin was removed.

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