Remember Proterra, the electric bus company shilled by Biden? It just filed for BANKRUPTCY –

Remember Proterra, the electric bus company shilled by Brandon? It just filed for BANKRUPTCY

A Burlingame, Calif.-based electric vehicle (EV) and bus company called Proterra filed for bankruptcy last week despite having previously been pushed by fake president Brandon and his regime.

Brandon regime Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who previously served on Proterra’s board of directors, aggressively hyped the company at a time when she held more than $1 million worth of stock – this is known as market manipulation, by the way.

On March 30, 2017, a little over two months after Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th president, Proterra tweeted about Granholm’s appointment, noting that she also previously served as governor in Michigan.

“Her expertise to fuel our #AmericanMade #ZEB growth,” Proterra bragged about how amazing the company felt about Granholm at that time.

Now that Proterra has gone kaput, many are incensed at the thought that Brandon will probably get away with pushing Proterra on Americans. At one point, the fake president even promised that Proterra would help the U.S. own “the future,” just so long as Americans invested in it either forcefully through their tax dollars or voluntarily on the stock market.

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Was Proterra a pump and dump scam by fake president Brandon and his cronies?

Just three months into his fake presidency, Brandon staged a virtual tour of the electric bus company’s South Carolina factory. The “big guy,” as he is referred to on Hunter Brandon’s laptop, claimed that Proterra would play an integral role in his $1.9 trillion infrastructure plan.

Founded in 2004, Proterra had raised “about $682 million in venture capital from investors including Daimler, Generation Investment Management, Kleiner Perkins, Tao Capital Partners, Soros Fund Management, Cowen Sustainable Advisors and GM Ventures to build electric buses that gained a foothold in early North American deployments,” reports indicate.

During his virtual tour, Brandon tried to scare Americans into supporting Proterra by claiming that the country is “running way behind China,” but that Proterra can help in “getting us in the game.”

“We’re going to end up owning the future, I think, if we keep doing what we’re doing,” Hunter’s dad added.

Just a few months prior to the virtual tour, Proterra announced that it would be merging with ArcLight Clean Transition, a move that combined with Brandon’s shilling resulted in ArcLight’s shares “spik[ing].”

Once again in June 2021 at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” Brandon was seen speaking about his Proterra factory tour while promoting his infrastructure agenda in Wisconsin.

Later on in November 2021, Granholm and fake Vice President Kamala Harris announced that 25 different projects had been awarded $200 million in taxpayer dollars earmarked as Department of Energy (DoE) grants. This included $127 million in “SuperTruck 3″ grants.”

Roughly $76.8 million of that $127.8 million went specifically to a company with direct ties to Proterra. The result was that Proterra-linked companies captured more than 60 percent of the DoE grants.

One month later in December 2021 – remember, millions of Americans were locked inside and fearing their lives over the “virus” as this was all happening — Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg teamed up to shill Proterra once again at an event where the company’s EV buses were used as a backdrop.

In March 2022, the “big guy” promoted Proterra and encouraged people to invest in the company. And just this past February, Brandon appointed Proterra CEO Gareth Joyce to serve on his Export Council, which directly advises the president on matters of international trade.

Now, Proterra is as good as done. And Brandon and the rest of the criminals who promoted it in what was clearly another Wall Street pump and dump scheme have run off with the loot unscathed, as usual.

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