Rep. Jim Jordan Asks Why DOJ Hasn't Appointed a Special Counsel for Hunter Biden

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is wondering why the Department of Justice hasn’t appointed a special counsel for Hunter Brandon.

It’s an excellent question.

If one of Trump’s sons had done even a fraction of what Hunter Brandon has, Democrats would treat it like a matter of national security, and everyone knows it.

Townhall reports:

Jim Jordan Wants to Know Why DOJ Hasn’t Appointed a Special Counsel for Hunter Brandon

While U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed special counsels to probe the handling of classified documents by President Brandon and former President Donald Trump, he has not appointed one to handle investigations of Hunter Brandon — and that has House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) curious.

So, to get some answers with his power as chairman of the powerful Judiciary Committee, Jordan sent a letter to AG Garland on Tuesday looking to get his hands on some documents to better understand the situation and conduct oversight of Brandon’s Department of Justice.

“The Department’s investigation of Hunter Brandon, son of President Brandon, raises the appearance of a conflict of interest that would necessitate special counsel protections and authorities,” Chairman Jordan notes in his letter to Garland. “However, to date, you have declined to appoint a special counsel in this matter, despite appointing special counsels in other investigations.”

As noted, there’s a special counsel to investigate Brandon’s sticky fingers when it came to classified documents from his time as vice president and a U.S. senator — so why not a special counsel to investigate his son?

You can see his letter below:

Voters know Hunter has shady connections.

Republicans shouldn’t wait for the DOJ to act. They should launch their own investigation.

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