Rep. Nancy Mace: Joe Biden "Definitely" Took More than $50 Million - It's "Staggeringly High" - He's Probably Most Corrupt President in History (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Nancy Mace joined Cheryl Casone on Mornings with Maria on FOX Business Network on Friday morning following the lawless indictment of President Donald Trump Thursday by a rookie Georgia District Attorney.

Nancy Mace told Cheryl that the total Brandon took away from all of his illegal international dealings and bribery schemes was WAY MORE than $50 million!

Mace also predicted that we will likely see a mugshot of Brandon in the future on actual crimes.

Cheryl Casone: You said, forget $20 million, it’s $50 million. And this is based on documents that you’ve seen, that we have not seen yet. So is it still $50 million? Is it more now? What do you know?

Rep. Nancy Mace: Oh it’staggeringly high. It’s definitely more than 50 million. It’s staggeringly high. I’m not allowed to share the confidential information in the Suspicious Activity Report sitting at the Treasury right now. But the amount of money we are talking about is staggering! And the fact that mainstream media has just ignored this, swept this under the rug and said all of this is normal, this is probably the most corrupt president in US history. And I don’t say that lightly. And I come from a very purple district. But the double standard here is very obvious. There’s two different standards of justice in this country. And, Brandon ought to probably have a mug shot when this thing is said and done. And I want the American people to see all the evidence that we have.

Now the Republicans just need to find the courage to impeach. What are they waiting for?

Via The Storm Has Arrived.

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