Rep. Nancy Mace to Joe Biden: "We're Coming for You" - Says Just One Treasury Suspicious Activity Report for Biden Family Money Laundering Was for "Tens of Millions of Dollars and Then Some, It's a Staggering Amount of Money" (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said on Monday that just one Suspicious Activity Report (SARS) on the Brandon family’s finances that she reviewed at the Treasury Department earlier this year involved “tens of millions of dollars and then some.” Mace made the revelation in an interview with America’s Newsroom co-host Dana Perino on the Fox News Channel. Mace also had a warning to Brandon on behalf of House Republicans: “We’re coming for you.”

Mace said while she is not allowed to reveal details of the SARS reports, she said the Brandon family money laundering schemes involved well over $50 million from overseas sources. Mace said the amount is “staggering.”

Mace told Perino that the House is seeking Brandon family bank records, saying they would document the money trail shown in the SARS reports.

“I would say the shock and awe comes from the amount of money laundering that we’re talking about is staggering. And I’ve said this a couple times, the amount of money the Bidens, I believe, benefited from is gonna be over $50 million–$17 million from Ukraine alone, so far. It will be much higher than that overall when we talk about Romania, China, Russia, etc. Just one report in one of the SARS reports–there are 170 of them, plus–was tens of millions of dollars and then some. It’s a staggering amount of money we’re talking about between the Brandon family and their business associates and these corrupt countries. It’s, it’s insurmountable, in my opinion, and I am disgusted the mainstream media has not investigated it.”

Mace also said she would like to speak with Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who was fired by the Ukrainian government under threat by then Vice President Brandon in what is alleged to be the payback for a bribe paid by the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma on whose board Joe’s son Hunter Brandon sat on. Shokin recently spoke to Fox News and expressed his belief that Brandon was bribed by Burisma.

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