Reporter Confronts Kamala Harris About her Low Favorability Rating Going Into 2024 (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

A local Virginia reporter on Thursday confronted Kamala Harris on her low favorability rating going into 2024.

Kamala Harris on Thursday visited a Richmond, Virginia farm to tout the Brandon Regime’s so-called investment in small business.

Harris toured Babylon Micro-Farms in Scott’s Addition and delivered remarks.

Local media interviewed Kamala Harris during her tour of the farm.

A WRIC reporter asked Kamala Harris about her low favorability rating going into 2024.

“Polls show a 41% favorable rating of you…and 50-some percent unfavorable. What do you say to those voters about the next four years?” the reporter asked Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris smiled and nodded in agreement.

“We are very excited about the next four years because it’s going to be about continuing to do the work to respond to the needs of the American people,” she said.

“People stood in line and waited sometimes for hours to vote and they did so because they wanted to put in their order,” Harris said.


Here’s what Brandon and Kamala Harris mean when they say “let’s finish the job”:

  • Banks collapsing
  • High inflation
  • High 30-year fixed mortgage rates
  • High unemployment
  • Millions of military age males invading the southern border
  • Higher taxes
  • Biological males crushing women’s sports
  • Grooming children with sexually explicit books

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