Reporting Issues Identified in the Middle of the Night in GOP Governor's Race in Arizona

Another election another reporting issue – this time in the results of Arizona’s GOP Governor’s race. 

After finding herself behind, despite being way ahead in polling leading up to the election, GOP Governor candidate Kari Lake finally burst into the lead late after midnight.

AZ GOP PRIMARY — Kari Lake COMES ROARING BACK After Trailing Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson in Gubernatorial Race – Robson Outperforms by 20 Points! — RACE TOO CLOSE TO CALL

But something funny happened in the middle of the night in this race.  At 2:40 am central time, NBC News was reporting that Candidate Karrin Robson was in the lead with 46.4% of the vote and 258,924 votes to Kari Lake’s 43.5% of the vote and 242,301 votes.   This would have been 12:40 am in Phoenix.

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You can see below the total votes per county in Arizona in the GOP Governor’s race at this time.  Note it is 2:41 am central time.

The next minute, at 2:42 am central time, the vote changes and Kari Lake jumps into the lead with 45.2% of the vote and 274,337 votes to Robson’s 45.1% and 273,304 votes.  Note also that NBC News is reporting that 99% of the expected vote is in. ‘Percent of total votes in’ didn’t change but the overall votes changed.

Another oddity is that the county votes did not change at this time.  The county totals agree with the totals from moments earlier.  For the total votes to change, the county votes would have to change as well but they didn’t.  Only the total votes changed – the county totals stayed the same.

What is going on?

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