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Prather Point: Resistance movement builds as Brandon admin becomes more OPPRESSIVE and TYRANNICAL – Brighteon.TV

The oppressive and tyrannical Brandon administration is the reason why the resistance movement is on the rise in America.

“As the government becomes more oppressive and more tyrannical, that builds the resistance. And that’s exactly what is happening,” said host Jeffrey Prather during the August 4 episode of “The Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV.

The former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) intelligence collector said the Deep State is again running an election interference, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) at the front. They are doing this by repeatedly indicting President Donald Trump.

Prather said this is really not about indicting or convicting Trump because the cases are garbage. “What they are doing is interfere with the election,” he said. “They are trying to wrap up Trump, as well as defund and delegitimize him.”

But Prather said their tactic is not working. Instead, the resistance movement builds up with Trump getting more support. “And the more they pick on Trump, the more they show what bullies and evil petty tyrants they are,” Prather said. (Related: Prather Point: Resistance movement continues to grow in America – Brighteon.TV.)

DOJ, FBI covering up crime, scandal involving Brandon

The former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent also talked about Devon Archer, Hunter Brandon’s former business partner, who came out and was given complete immunity by the DOJ. According to Prather, the DOJ is clearly running Archer and Americans won’t be hearing anything about it because the fake news media is going to go along with it.

The former Special Forces soldier said there is an even bigger story going with war and politics being the two sides of the same coin.

“War is forcing someone to your point of view; politics is convincing someone to your point of view. The more oppressive this tyrannical fallen pedophile, pimp, pusher, prostitute government becomes the more the resistance builds because families are what builds the country, family is the micro civilization,” Prather said.

Prather also mentioned that the DOJ is now chasing PJ Media, which has confirmed that Ashley Brandon’s shower diary is real. The former DEA special agent said it’s a typical undercover recording put into evidence, but the DOJ and FBI are expected to cover it up as well. He, however, stressed that the truth has already come out.

“‘Pedo’ Joe creeping into a shower with his daughter is total evil and they are having trouble covering it up,” Prather said. No wonder, this administration is supporting drag queen shows being shown and transgenderism agenda being pushed on children.

“But ‘pedo’ Joe is the centerpiece for that, and that simply builds the resistance because to have a nation, to have a country, you have to have another generation that doesn’t die off. You’ve got to have a man and a woman, heterosexual men and women who love each other, mating, emulating the Creator and having children and raising those children.”

Prather added those children must become functional and not like the Deep State children who are not functional and can’t do anything because all they can do is prey on each other. He mentioned that Brandon was reluctant to accept his illegitimate granddaughter because she has not been taught to become a predator.

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