Retired Leftist US Attorney Admits on MSNBC that Judge Juan Merchan's Donations to Joe Biden Are "Problematic" - Ya Think? | The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that leftist judge Juan Manuel Merchan, who oversees President Trump’s sham case on junk felony charges, made political contributions to a nonprofit fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and progressive groups.

According to FEC data, Judge Juan Merchan from New York donated to Act Blue earmarked “Stop The Republicans,” “Brandon For President,” and “Progressive Turnout Project.”

Democratic fundraiser Act Blue is the payment processor for the majority of Democrats’ political contributions in the 2020 campaign cycle, DC Patriot reported.

“Although the dollar amounts were what some would be considered small, this proves impartiality towards Donald Trump. Donating to both the former and future expected counterpart on the presidential ballot is a huge deal, and something that cannot go unnoticed,” the outlet reported.

According to several former prosecutors and legal experts, Judge Juan Merchan violated New York’s Code of Judicial Conduct by making three donations to Democrats in 2020, which could be grounds for an ethics investigation.

And now even a far-left retired US attorney believes this is problematic for Judge Merchan and the garbage case against President Trump.

Retired leftist Judge Carol Lam told MSNBC that Judge Juan Merchan’s donations to Brandon were problematic.

Trending Politics reported:

A former California prosecutor called it “troubling optics” and “problematic” that the judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s case donated to President Brandon’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Former Southern California U.S. Attorney Carol Lam, appearing on MSNBC, said it was “not the best course of action for a judge to have made political contributions.”

The judge, Juan Merchan, donated to Brandon’s presidential campaign committee and Progressive Turnout Project, a super PAC that fights against Republicans.

While the donations were both less than $20, Lam admitted these donations could negatively affect the American public’s perception of Trump’s trial.

“We’ve also learned, during an FEC filing report, that Judge Juan Merchan, who presided over Trump’s New York arraignment, made a campaign donation to President Brandon’s 2020 presidential campaign, it was for $15. Are the optics problematic here?” MSNBC host Lindsey Reiser asked.

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