Rick Scott Is No "Crazy Marjorie Taylor Greene" (VIDEO)

Once a squish, always a squish.

Brian Kilmeade went on with Larry Kudlow on FOX Business Network on Wednesday to discuss Senator Rick Scott and Brandon’s attack on “Ultra MAGA Republicans”.

During their discussion, Kilmeade, who was never an outspoken Trump fan, lashed out at “crazy” Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Brian Kilmeade: If you call Senator Rick Scott Ultra MAGA, he’s just conservative. If you just watched him 8 years for governor. You see him 2 years as senator. No one looks at him and says he[‘s some crazy Marjorie Taylor Greene or anyone like that.

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So what is it about Marjorie Taylor Greene that Kilmeade disagrees with? Secure borders, low taxes, fair elections, or is it just that she does not support a war with Russia?

That would have been an interesting follow-up question.

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