RINO Rep. Crenshaw Labels Courageous FOX News Reporter a Putin Apologist After She Pushes Back on His War Cries (VIDEO)

RINO Ben Crenshaw labeled Americans who don’t want to send their children to war with Russia in Ukraine, Putin apologists.  When he did this on FOX News he was called out.

Ben Crenshaw was on FOX and Friends on Thursday.  He told the audience how disturbing it was to him that anyone would oppose not going to war against Russia.  When Rachel Campos-Duffy said most Americans question US involvement in such a war he lost it.

Crenshaw then attacked Rachel Campos-Duffy and misquoted her.

Dan Crenshaw: “I think it is a very small minority who say that we shouldn’t care about what goes on in the world…

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Rachel Campos-Duffy: “That’s not what I said.”

Dan Crenshaw: “I know but that’s what a lot of people say. And they do repeat Putin’s talking points. And that’s a problem when they start repeating Putin’s talking points and repeating lies about Ukrainians… Alliances do matter… It is not America First to watch around the world as Russia and China take over and destroy our allies. That’s America last.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy: I appreciate your perspective but since you did say ‘repeating Russian talking points’ I’m just going to have to push back. I’m not repeating Russian talking points… I represent the way a lot of other conservatives feel and I don’t think they’re repeating Russian talking points.

Duffy called out bully Crenshaw out on his remarks and swatted down his strawmen.  She was calm and respectful despite his vicious attacks.

See video below.

This isn’t the first time Crenshaw put his foot in his mouth and showed his true colors.  Since the 2020 Election Crenshaw has shown his true colors on numerous occasions.  Crenshaw praised fellow RINO Liz Cheney for voting to impeach President Trump based on complete lies.

Crenshaw later attended an event where he praised Cheney’s fellow Jan 6 RINO Adam Kinzinger.

It is well-known that RINOs understand the only way they can get elected in red states is to lie and pretend they are conservative when they are not.  Then they get on TV and push an agenda that is completely contradictory to their voter base.  Why doesn’t Crenshaw discuss the many US politicians connected to corruption in Ukraine?  Why doesn’t he consider the fact that Russia is a nuclear power and the US just spent 20 years in Afghanistan only to have Brandon oversee the hasty and shameful retreat from the region arming the Taliban on the way out of Kabul?  All of these recent events are why Americans are reluctant to get into another full-scale war – this time with a nuclear power.

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