Robert Kennedy Jr. on Durham Report: "That Report Is Appalling - You Have 50 Top Level CIA Agents Who Agree to Collaborate in a Project to Fix Election" | The Gateway Pundit

Comic Dave Smith had Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy on his podcast this week to discuss recent events and his campaign for president.

During their discussion, Smith asked Kennedy about the John Durham Report that was released this week.

Last Monday, Special Counsel John Durham released his final report concluding the FBI had no verified intel when it opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump in 2016.  The story was first pushed by Hillary Clinton and her campaign and turned over to the FBI and DOJ who proceeded to push the narrative without a single fact to confirm their claims.  Barack Obama, Brandon, and his administration were notified early in August 2016 that Hillary was behind this nonsense.  Obama later pushed the conspiracy after Trump was elected in an attempt to hurt President Trump’s administration before he ever entered office.  Barack Obama has never been held accountable for this criminal intent.

Robert Kennedy weighed in on the report.

Robert Kennedy Jr.:  “That report is appalling…You have…fifty top level CIA agents who agree to collaborate in a project to fix an election.”

Dave Smith: “It’s pretty clear that this was a frame job. And what you have here is the intelligence agencies framing the sitting President of the United States for treason.”

It appears that Robert was conflating the Durham Report on Trump-Russia hoax with the Intel Communities Hunter Brandon letter hoax. Both involved Trump. Both involved Russia. Both involved top intelligence officials. And, both were complete lies.

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