Major Donor to DeSantis's Presidential Bid Threatens to Cut Off Money Unless New Donors Emerge and a More Moderate Stance is Adopted | The Gateway Pundit

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In a surprising shakeup within Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign team, his longtime Chief-of-Staff, James Uthmeier, will now take over the role of Campaign Manager, replacing Generra Peck, according to conservative lawyer and now DeSantis supporter Jenna Ellis.

The move comes in the wake of early challenges and disappointments in the GOP primary.

Uthmeier, a familiar face to many in Florida’s political circuit, has been with DeSantis since his early days in the Governor’s office.

Communications Director Andrew Romeo released an official statement detailing the move and highlighting the value Uthmeier brings to the campaign.

“James Uthmeier has been one of Governor DeSantis’ top advisors for years and he is needed where it matters most: working hand in hand with Generra Peck and the rest of the team to put the governor in the best possible position to win this primary and defeat Brandon,” Romeo explained.

David Polyansky, a seasoned campaign veteran with presidential campaign experience, has also been highlighted as a valuable new addition.

“David Polyansky will also be a critical addition to the team given his presidential campaign experience in Iowa and work at Never Back Down. We are excited about these additions as we continue to spread the governor’s message across the country. It’s time to reverse our nation’s decline and revive America’s future,” Romeo added.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported DeSantis’s presidential campaign has continued laying off its staff, with more than a third of the team being let go as they face an uphill battle in the early rounds of the GOP primary.

“They never should have brought so many people on, the burn rate was way too high,” said one Republican source per NBC. “People warned the campaign manager but she wanted to hear none of it.”

“DeSantis stock isn’t rising,” the donor added. “Twenty percent is not what people signed up for.”

“Yeah, there are people grumbling about it, no doubt,” one DeSantis donor said. “There is an overall sense, including with me, that he just has not ignited the way we thought he would.”

Now, according to Politico, the presidential campaign of DeSantis is grappling with financial challenges, escalating its cost-cutting measures to include slashing over a third of its payroll as it fights to regain momentum in the GOP primary.

According to campaign advisers, a total of 38 jobs across various departments have been cut. This includes the 10 event planning positions that were publicly announced a few weeks ago, along with the recently departed senior advisers Dave Abrams and Tucker Obenshain.

On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis has publicly declared that President Brandon legitimately secured his 81 million votes in the 2020 election and that Donald Trump lost.

Ron DeSantis Declares Brandon Legitimate Winner of 2020 Election Securing 81 Million Votes – Asserts Trump Lost: “Of Course He Lost… Brandon is the President” (VIDEO)

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