Russians Reportedly Use a Hypersonic Missile for the First Time in Ukraine (VIDEO)

The Russian army in Ukraine is facing no reported real resistance in the air.  Now the Russians have launched their hypersonic missile in Ukraine. 

American Military News reported on the missile launched from Russian forces in Ukraine.

Russian forces in Ukraine claimed to have used an air-launched hypersonic missile for the first time in combat on Saturday, to strike a Ukrainian weapons depot.

In comments to the media, reported by Russia’s state-run Russia Today, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenko said Russian forces launched a Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at a weapons depot located near the western Ukrainian village of Deliatyn. If true, the launch would be the first time the missile has been fielded in combat.

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“Destruction of a weapons depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by high-precision missile weapons strike,” the Russian Ministry of Defense tweeted.  “We can see the exact hit of an underground hangar with weapons and ammunition.”

The Russian military shared tweets of their use of the hypersonic missile.

Another tweet from the Russians reportedly shows the missile rocketing across the sky.

The situation in Ukraine is a massacre. 

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