Same College Behind Bogus Study Used to Support Shutdowns Is Behind BS Study Used to Force COVID Vaccines on US Children

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  A study from the Imperial College of London was behind the garbage COVID study that led to US shutdowns which ultimately never should have happened.  Now this same college has a legion of individuals behind a garbage study that the CDC is using force killer vaccines on children. 

Doctors Fauci and Birx used a BS study from Imperial College to convince President Trump to shut down the economy in 2020.  This faulty advice led to the suffering of millions of people around the world after many nations followed the US’s lead.  It was wrong and based on a BS study.

Will Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Serve Time in Prison for Destroying US Economy Based on Ridiculous Imperial College Model Now Proven as Complete Trash?

Now another questionable but significant BS study is being used by the CDC that affects all Americans and puts our lives at risk.  A BS study is being used by the CDC to force COVID vaccines on children across the US.

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CDC EXPOSED! Government Body Used False Data To Approve The COVID Jab For Children

The BS study used by the CDC to force COVID jabs on US children compared annual data from other causes of death to two years of COVID deaths and used that false comparison to claim that COVID is a leading cause of death in young children (i.e., in the top 5), when it’s really barely in the top 10.

A number of the researchers and authors in the study are from Imperial College in London.  Charles Whitaker, Theo Rashid, Alexandra Blenkinsop, H Juliette T Unwin, Samir Bhatt, and Oliver Ratmann all claim to be from Imperial College.

Charles Whittaker was also a member of the BS Imperial College study that caused so much harm in 2020.

A material question for both studies is to ask who reviewed these studies?  The errors in both studies were not minor or subtle.  In the recent study, the data error is obvious.  This almost looks intentional.  How could it be missed?

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