REPORT: New York City Spending $5 Million PER DAY on Housing and Feeding Illegal Immigrants

When leaders in border communities began sending busloads of illegal immigrants to blue cities like New York and Chicago, Democrats and the media called it a “stunt.”

They’re not saying that very much now. It turns out that this was a pretty clever move.

No one in these Democrat stongholds is happy about how this has unfolded. Democrat governors and mayors are now dealing with many of the same problems as political leaders at the border.

This puts Brandon in an impossible position.

Axios reports:

Blue state migrant crisis sparks political disaster for Brandon

Tensions between the Brandon administration and local Democrats are coming to a head as shelters around the country overflow and thousands of immigrants arrive in major cities.

Why it matters: President Brandon is stuck between growing calls to help the Democratic-controlled cities, the politics of the vulnerable issue and what the administration views as legal handcuffs prohibiting much action.

  • In cities like New York, Boston and Chicago, a humanitarian crisis for people hoping for new lives in the U.S. has become desperate.
  • Business leaders and lawmakers at various levels of government are demanding the administration do more to help accommodate migrants — and are frustrated by what they say is Brandon’s lack of response.
  • It’s unclear why there hasn’t been stronger action by the Brandon administration, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) tells Axios. “I wrote to him in May so it’s been like four months, but I hope to find out.”

Simply put, Brandon has painted himself into a corner. He can’t even admit that there’s a problem, since his ridiculous press secretary keeps insisting that the border is secure.

Additionally, the Democrat leaders who are complaining can’t call out Brandon because that would be admitting that he is a total failure on this issue.

The bottom line is that voters in these blue communities are angry and they know who is to blame.

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