Senior Joe Biden Advisor Can't Say Why Biden Has Not Visited Southern Border Amid Crisis (VIDEO)

Senior Brandon advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Sunday couldn’t say why Brandon hasn’t visited the southern border amid an invasion of illegal aliens.

Brandon recently visited a computer chip plant in Phoenix, Arizona.

He went to a border state but refused to visit the southern border.

CBS’s “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked Keisha Lance Bottoms why Brandon didn’t tour the border during his visit to Arizona.

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“Why doesn’t [Brandon] go to the border? He was just in Arizona. Why wasn’t it worth his time?” Margaret Brennan asked Bottoms.

“Is that the best use of resources?” Keisha Lance Bottoms said.

“Is that why he didn’t go?” Margaret Brennan asked.

“Well I can’t speak to why he has or has not gone.” KLB said.



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