Big Banks and Big Tech Companies Begin Not Hiring and Laying People Off

Many of the world’s top entities, companies, and experts are projecting a recession in 2023.  

One week ago the World Bank warned of a worldwide recession in 2023.  This was not unexpected.

BIDEN ECONOMY: World Bank Warns that a Recession Is Looming in 2023

Previously, Blackrock projected a massive recession in 2023.  They said it would a recession like no other.

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BIDEN ECONOMY: BlackRock Warns of a Recession Like No Other Impacting the Whole World

The Daily Mail reports on more expectations of a recession in 2023 from some top economists.

Leading economists are warning that a recession is coming in the near future, despite the Brandon administration’s attempts to downplay the risks.

Lakshman Achuthan and Anirvan Banerji, cofounders of the Economic Cycle Research Institute — which determines recession dates for 22 global economies — say the United States is on track to face another recession like the one in 2008.

They said in an op-ed for CNN that the Brandon administration’s efforts to quash an impending economic downturn have come too late.

And even though the GDP grew in the last quarter of 2022 and the economy added more jobs, Achuthan and Banerji say that will soon change.

The Economic Cycle Research Institute has been predicting a recession since last spring, and Achuthan and Banerji say that prediction has not changed despite the Federal Reserves’ efforts to raise interest rates.

They explain: ‘By the time the Fed began hiking rates, the economy was already slowing, making recession more likely.’

The Brandon economy of massive inflation, fast-rising interest rates, energy killing policies is a disaster.  It’s as if Brandon wants to destroy the economy. 

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