Biden To 'Cancel' $10,000 Of Student Loan Debt Per Borrower

According to a new survey conducted by SSRS in partnership with CNN, even the far-left leaning audience of CNN is struggling to find anything good about Brandon’s term in the Oval Office. 

The new poll found the public’s view of the nation’s condition is the worst since 2009, while its view on the economy is the worst since 2011. Nearly 7 in 10 respondents said Brandon hadn’t paid enough attention to the nation’s most pressing problems.

Brandon’s approval rating in the poll stands at 38%, with 62% disapproving. His approval ratings for handling the economy sit at 30%, and his handling of inflation sits at 25%. Both numbers are the lowest for any president at this point. 

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75% called inflation and the cost of living the most important economic problem facing their family. In the same poll last summer, that figure stood at 43%.

For Democrats alone, Brandon’s approval rating has dropped a whopping 13% since May to a new low of 73%. Only 62% of Democrats agree with Brandon’s handling of the economy, and just 51% agree with his handling of inflation. It is clear he is losing the confidence of his own party. 

Brandon is also losing support among people of color in America. Only 45% approve of Brandon’s overall performance. This represents a 6% drop among Black adults and a 9% drop among Hispanic adults since the Spring. Only 47% of Black Americans approve of his handling of the economy, while a mere 34% approve of his handling of inflation.

Overall, just 12% of respondents strongly approve of how Brandon is handling the presidency compared with 43% who say they strongly disapprove of his work. 

A staggering 82% of those polled said that economic conditions are poor. About 4 in 10 (41%) described the economy as “very poor.” The poll found that 64% of Americans believe the economy is currently in a recession. That number is 18% higher than polls taken just before the 2008 housing crash and recession. Most respondents across all parties said the country is in a recession, including 56% of Democrats, 63% of independents, and 76% of Republicans.

According to the poll, only 57% of Democrats say he has the right priorities, while just 35% of people of color say he has the right priorities. Among those younger than 35, only 23% say Brandon has the proper focus.

The new CNN Poll was conducted by SSRS from June 13 through July 13 among a random sample of 1,459 adults. It is the third survey CNN has undertaken using a similar methodology.

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