Someone From Biden’s Staff Falls Down Steps of Air Force One (Video)

Late Monday night, Brandon and several delegates landed in Warsaw, Poland.

As Brandon and other staffers exited the plane, Polish news networks had their cameras pointed at Air Force One.

What was supposed to be a normal exit from Air Force One turned eventful quickly when a person traveling with Brandon fell down the steps of the plane.


The fall received a lot of reactions on Twitter, here are some of the best:


Some users on Twitter claimed it was Brandon who fell but a video of Brandon walking out of Air Force One tells a different story.


Brandon appears to have learned his lesson from previously falling and is using the handrail of Air Force One with a bit of a tighter grip.

Per DW, Brandon is in Poland to deliver a speech in front of the Polish capital’s Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Back in March of 2021, Brandon did fall down the steps of Air Force One and the White House even blamed his fall on the wind.

Read more about it here:

TRIPS AND LIES: White House Blames “Wind” for Brandon’s 3 Falls Boarding Air Force One — But Weather Channel Shows It Was Only a “Light Breeze” Today

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