"Speaker Vos Election Thievery Is NOT Something You Simply Left-Go and Move On From!"

Adam Steen and his family

Republican challenger Adam Steen published a blistering attack on Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos this week accusing the Speaker of downplaying and ignoring the “election thievery” in his state. Vos has fought every step of the way to investigate the 2020 presidential election where Brandon saw a mysterious drop of votes in the middle of the night to take out President Trump in the state. Vos has acted more like a reluctant Democrat than a Republican during this entire investigative process.

The Journal Times reported, via H.O.T. Wisconsin:


Already backed by doubters of the 2020 election, Adam Steen, the Republican challenging Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in the Aug. 9 primary election, has now officially indicated he believes the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. He also accused Vos of not taking concerns seriously.

In a Tuesday statement, Steen used the term “election thievery” and said “I argue this was the most consequential crime to take place in the history of our country — most certainly in the State of Wisconsin.”

He added, “Speaker Vos, election thievery is NOT something you simply ‘let-go’ and ‘move-on’ from … Speaker Vos has clearly shown his contempt for this investigation and the will of the people.”

In response to Steen’s comments, Vos said, “Adam Steen just began his campaign by moving to Racine County. He is desperate for attention so he is blatantly twisting the facts to fit his narrative. I have always taken our right to vote very seriously, which is why I was a leader in the fight for Voter ID. I will continue to address matters of election integrity with the same seriousness.”…

…Steen issued his statement after Vos agreed to allow the investigation he created, the Office of Special Counsel led by former state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, to continue without allocating any more money and saying that Gableman would take a pay cut. Gableman had been being paid $11,000 per month; it was not stated how much of a cut would be levied.

A spokesman for Vos’ office also said Gableman’s office bought the equipment it was using, which had previously been loaned by the Assembly, in order to keep the investigation going.

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